Webinar: How to start in UX

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A webinar for those who don't know where to start in UX design!

What's inside:

  • What is UX/UI design
  • How AI will affect UX design
  • Should you start in UX design now
  • Roadmap to UX design for €0 or €60 per month
  • How to choose bootcamps
  • How to improve UI design fast
  • Bootcamps with scholarships
  • Requirements for Junior UX designers
  • Trends in UX design
  • How to find portfolio projects
  • How to work with mentors
  • How to stand out as a junior designer

Get 2 freebies to start in UX now!

️🎁 UX bootcamps comparison

️🎁 List of free materials for self-learning + roadmap

Who is the webinar for

  • People interested in UX design, who don’t know where to start.
  • People looking for more effective strategies to learn UX.
  • People trying to study UX design for free or at low costs.

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2,5h long

Webinar: How to start in UX

0 ratings
I want this!